Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Paper Love Affair Begins...

Apparently, I nearly died as a child from chicken pox. Just started school was bedridden for six weeks. I don't remember much of that. But I DO remember I was in Mum & Dads bed (don't know where they slept) and I DO remember Dad coming in with a small newsprint jotter, a roll of sellotape, scissors and a pen.

He thought I needed something to do and I wasn't very impressed. Should he show me how to make something? How about a bag? Yeah right.

(1) Fold the bottom bit up. Put tape on the sides to hold it together. (2) Chop off the top corners. (3) Now fold that top bit down. (4) Chop off a long bit of paper.

I was pretty interested by now.

(5) Tape the ends to the bag. (6) He drew a flower on it. I was amazed. Now you've got a purse like Mum's. No you haven't. He put five cents in it. NOW you've got a purse like Mum's, hers has money in it.

Gave me a kiss and went to work.

Therein began my love affair with paper. This simple thing... Thanks Dad xxx...

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