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Butterfly Ribbon Borders

Butterfly Ribbon Borders

Some ribbon type borders with butterflies for your projects. Nice texture and detail. Was playing about with some of my butterfly drawings. These have a romantic/vintage feel.

So print them out, grab the scissors and glue, and get busy!
Download Butterfly Ribbon Borders


Christmas ATC Swap

Had a couple of days up my sleeve, so went net surfing. Signed up for a Christmas ATC swap with the NZ group at Card Making World.

You only get to see this much, because the swap isn't complete. Will unveil when the whole shebang is over.

Somewhere I read recently that something like 92% of crafters make or have made cards. There are so many wonderful examples that are really inspiring...I just have to have a go at it. I had a go a while back but wasn't very pleased with my efforts. Same as everything I suppose...practice makes perfect.

There are a heap of aids available to buy but I shan't be doing that. Not yet anyway... I'll see if I get the bug.

Talk about spending... I think I need a new printer...


Darcy's Trackies

I was without a computer for a while because the old one up and conked out. Decided to dust off the sewing machine and run up some lounging about pants for Darcy. That kid has some real nice clothes, but he was staying with us and I thought he could do with some pants that we didn't need to worry if they got wrecked. Kids need plain, basic gear just for that reason.

Horrified that clothing for a three and a half year old cost just about the same as clothing for myself, I pulled an existing pair of trackies from his overnight bag, to use as a pattern , cut some sale cloth (sweatshirting) and ran them up. Pretty pleased. I haven't sewn for years. Used one inch elastic for the waistband, next time I'll probably go smaller.

Looked a bit plain. So cut stencils from kitchen packaging (thanks, Bell Tea!) and we used acrylic paint and a paintbrush to apply them. Acrylic paint is okay for this stuff. You can get textile medium, which you can mix with acrylics for using on fabric - …

Make Your Own Avatar

Time for a change. Blog looking tired and needing some loving. So changed to Simple template, made a header and added my name and doodles to an avatar. Looks brighter and looks like fun. Pretty pleased with it now.

If you want to make your own avatar, head on over to Avatar Maker. I like the simple cartoon style of the elements. Choose your facial features, hair etc. You do need to make a screenshot to save the pic. If you read the comments, someone kindly tells people how to do it.

I use MW Snap - a small freeware program I discovered about five years ago and use quite often. This is one of my 'must have' bits of software, and you can't beat the price. It was made by Mirek Wojtowicz - generous genius!