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Printable Vine Frames - Large

Made some printable Large Vine Frames

Could use them for picture frames (resized of course!) Five colours.

You can go grab them here.

A Laugh and New Projects

Sometimes you just need a good laugh! This SOOOO made my day... a wee bit rude in places, but so damn hilarious! If you have seven spare minutes - do yourself a favour and watch it.

So after telling myself to slow down a bit, I went and got myself three new projects to do (What's with that?)

One of my other blogs is Maori Printables. I started it because I wanted to contribute something positive to offset the (sadness?) I felt at the Maori statistics situation. At that time, Maori sites were of a really serious nature (and still are as far as I can tell). I wanted to make something uplifting, in a fun way.That was not 'too deep' or unapproachable. So while I couldn't fix (statistics) things I could still do SOMETHING to help shed a different light on the culture.

It's found a little following with kindergartens, Kohanga Reo, and primary schools. I am not a teacher or fluent in the language - my 'work' has been at home, so most of the posts are just guesses …

Old & Soft & Most Hated Word

I find I cannot bear bad news stories. Have just spent the last ten minutes or so weeping about a horrid incident in the South Island. There are phases where I won't watch the news for weeks on end, or buy newspapers. I can't stand cruel stories.

Reinforces a notion - that people are just animals - through the ages and generations they dress and talk differently and have different technologies to play with, but basic behaviour doesn't change. You'll always get those ones that will do something extraordinary.

Brings up other thoughts like - how society/environment conditions a person, how some people think they can control others, how some people can't control themselves, how some people are just dumb and others are just plain nuts. (I have to go on about this) - how some people are strong, and how the will to live is amazingly inherent.

These themes have resurfaced time and again across different cultural histories - so an old saying is true in my head - we are all…

Make Up

My yummy things came from Avon today. I ordered a lipstick but it was the wrong colour so I got my girl to go swap it. Means I've got to wait, but that's okay. I've learned to be more patient. I don't wear much makeup. Lipstick. That's it. Sometimes a bit of foundation. Not often.

It's really hard for me to find lipstick I like. It has to be matt/matte. I need it lasting - don't want to be one of those gals always looking in the compact mirror and applying in public. It has to be VERRRYYYY plum-my because that's the only thing I think suits my complexion.

Boyfriend got me a lipstick for a treat. Half price at $25. Grandaughter age 3 - makeup mad - took it out of my purse and into the other Nanna's car - waving goodbye to me with the thing in her wee hand - had to laugh.

I've not been one for this make-up-girly-kind of thing - but I think I'll have a go at it. I've put my next order in... :)

Oh and got some pots... :)

Cabinet Find

My visits to the city are cursory at best. If I have to go - its quick. In and out of stores. Takeouts - drive throughs. Yesterday was different. I found a cabinet. $20. Went to go get it.

Great nick, Queen Anne legs - mate said it was mahogany - but I don't know. I just love it.

Was also Darcy's birthday. Piled him and his brother into the truck -  loves McD's, those kids. Been years since I went into one of those joints. They've really spruced things up.

I figure they must pretty much look all the same... but I was a bit wide-eyed...

All in all - a fun day.

Happy Birthday Darcy! 

Printable Address Labels

Edit these in 'Word'. Just open the file and change the text.

Just click on the pic to go get them.


Ideas for Making Unique Journals

Just some ideas... click on the pic to go see...

Am working on a Beer Box Journal, coming together quite nicely. Have made pockets and strip holders built into the thing. Am up to making the extras: tags and wee notebooks to go in the pockets and holders.


Printable Blackboard Quotes

A couple of chinese proverbs...print them out for posters... :)

Call for Arts and Crafts Writers

Craft Found is looking for writers!

So what is it that stokes your boat? What do you enjoy making? That's what Craft Found is looking for.

Do you make cards?
Do you scrapbook?
Do you knit?
Do you crochet?
Do you repurpose?
Do you quilt?
Do you love to play with paint?
Do you love to play with pencils?
Do you draw?
Do you love to make stuff from cardboard? a whole lot of other things I haven't even mentioned?

Do you have ideas on creativity?
Do you have ideas on journal prompts?

....the list could go on and on and on....

Find out more here!

Love to hear from you.


The Paper Love Affair Begins...

Apparently, I nearly died as a child from chicken pox. Just started school was bedridden for six weeks. I don't remember much of that. But I DO remember I was in Mum & Dads bed (don't know where they slept) and I DO remember Dad coming in with a small newsprint jotter, a roll of sellotape, scissors and a pen.

He thought I needed something to do and I wasn't very impressed. Should he show me how to make something? How about a bag? Yeah right.

(1) Fold the bottom bit up. Put tape on the sides to hold it together. (2) Chop off the top corners. (3) Now fold that top bit down. (4) Chop off a long bit of paper.

I was pretty interested by now.

(5) Tape the ends to the bag. (6) He drew a flower on it. I was amazed. Now you've got a purse like Mum's. No you haven't. He put five cents in it. NOW you've got a purse like Mum's, hers has money in it.

Gave me a kiss and went to work.

Therein began my love affair with paper. This simple thing... Thanks Dad xxx..…

Printable Journal Blocks

Printable over at Craft Found

Kitchen themed: so good for home tips, favourite old recipes handed down, or new recipes your kids like. Anything to do with the home really.Go get 'em.


French Ladies

French Ladies are finished:

 oooh la la (sexily)

Will be turning these into free printable posters at Originally from an old French mag - redrawn so they'll print proper.

Meant to be studying, meant to be writing, house needs tidying, no baking left... happy as hell. :)