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Collectible Miniature Tin Village

Ooooh! My parcel arrived (yes, another one).

Yay!!! It's my wee tin village. There are six wee tins (gift boxes) in a set, I got two sets. One set I have to give to Shona, though I don't want to because I want them ALL TO MYSELF...AH HA HA HAAA. She loves this kind of stuff and it is her birthday coming up.

The tins are 2-1/8 inches wide and 2-1/2 inches tall. Illustrated by Dana Kubick. (I am still on the doll house kick). I love the whimsy style. Lots of detail on these collectible miniature tin houses. 

I'll be showing some close ups in future posts.

Shona's present, wrapped with newspaper and ribbon held together with rubber bands with homemade tag and gold ribbon.


Gold Buttons

I have an 'old' dress, wot I just so love - it's all orange and plain brass buttons - 14 of them and of which two are missing.

These arrived yesterday... gloriously gold in all their plastic-ness...

...and now I have 298 spare buttons....

No, they're always useful for craft and swap gifts


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More Jungle Printouts

Safari Animals: Zebra, Hippo, Rhino, Cheetah

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Jungle Trees


Giveaway Knitting Book * Closed *

This is a gorgeous book by renowned designer and author Nicky Epstein for knitters who have wee girls (or not so wee girls) in their midsts. Geared for the experienced knitter. Lots of accessories.

Well photographed, sumptuous book.

Publisher:Sixth and Spring BooksPublished: 07 July 2013Format: Paperback 128 pagesISBN 13: 9781936096541ISBN 10: 1936096544

Winner will be randomly drawn on 17 July 2013

To enter say hello in the comments...

If you can't wait for the giveaway you can grab yourself one from here

Find out about author Nicky Epstein here


Making Your Own A5 Wallpaper Covered Journal

Making a journal..... from cardboard, wallpaper or scrap paper and copy paper.

I've made a few of these babies - they are easier to make than you might think.  The time guide below should be fairly true even if you have never made one before.

Time Guide

Part 1:making the cover - takes about 30 mins plus drying time
Part 2:The Signatures - takes about 10 mins
Part 3:Readying the Spine - takes about 5mins
Part 4:The Binding -takes about 30 mins

Other stuff you need:
gluepacking tapeneedlecrochet cotton or strong thread awl or other pointy toolscissors
This is currently my fav gift of choice to make and give to my mates....

Wanna have a go? Start here: Wallpaper Covered Journal

Decided I was gonna keep this for myself (ahh ha ha ha haaaaa...manic laughter)

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