Sunday, December 8, 2013

Christmas Printables & Quiz

...over at Craft Found... some felt-y looking things inspired by felt ornaments I've seen online... some people are just sooo clever!
Christmas baubles...
Christmas hearts....
 ...and some good ol' Christmas puds...

Click on the pics to go get 'em!

Also a fun quiz Are You a Procrastinator at Self Avenue... Go Check it out.


Thursday, December 5, 2013

Self Avenue

A little over three weeks ago I started a hub called 'Self Avenue' a self development/improvement site. Writing about personal development is a good way to explore your own thoughts/ideas/attitudes/behaviour - and at the same time you might help others who are in similar situations.

I am not in the industry, do not know the jargon but thought I had something to share. I write from layman perpective - a-la experience, saying what worked for me and what didn't.

My Editor Justine Crowley has (among other things) published four books on the subject and provides an industry-credible voice.

I did not imagine it would take off so. Counsellors, Doctors, Life Coaches have applied as writers as have Mums and Bloggers - so there'll be a good mix of stuff coming up.

If you think you might like to write for Self Avenue, from whatever walk of life you're from - take a gander here. Yes, you get paid :)

Getting More Readership

Self Avenue Buttons for writer blogs/websites:

 Right click and save these. Then upload to your blog or website.

Link them to your Self Avenue profile page, where a list of your published articles will be. Fill out your Self Avenue profile to send readers to your blogs/sites also.

Go to the trouble of doing this once then forget it...its a wee ad just doing its thing. Links are our friends.



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