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Valentine Mini Tag Cards

Nice wee project here for Valentine's Day.

Small cards in a gift tag shape with inpapers.
Once you have printed:
Trim cards and inpapers.Fold all pieces in half lengthwise.Apply a strip of glue next to the fold line of the back of the inpaper and stick to the outer card matching the fold lines. The inpaper looks good if its able to flap about a bit.
Write your message and you're done!

Valentine Mini Tag Cards - password 'valentine' (no apostrophes)
Happy Crafting! :)

Blank Window Guide Template

Some people like to create their own images for Window Cards. This template fits a project I did elsewhere.
You guys are so clever, I bet you could find other uses for it! 
Blank Window Guide Template. Password is 'love' (what else?) Remember, no apostrophes.

Romantic Images for Paper Craft

Here are some romantic tiles to use in your projects. They will fit a Window Card project I did elsewhere.
Essentially the cards were made from office paper, folded horizontally then vertically to make an A6 sized card. A window was to be cut through the front and inside left pages and an image was to be stuck to the inside right page, so you could see it from the front. Well, these images fit those.
I'm sure you creative types will find other uses for them. Click the pic to go grab them. Password is 'love' (no apostrophes!)

Romantic Gift Tags

Just in time for Valentine's Day! Romance plus! A page of images to use in your romantic craftings. Card making, scrapbooking and more.

Click the image to go to the download link. Or right click and Open Link in New Tab/Window if you don't want to leave here just yet. Password is 'love' (without the apostrophes). :)

Cutting Window Shapes in Paper

Card Making Techniques
Sometimes in your paper crafting endeavors you might want to cut window shapes from your printed projects with scissors. If you have used office paper to print on, the paper is quite flimsy and cutting out the windows can make extra crumples and creases in it.

For projects children are going to make (and therefore they will be using scissors instead of a craft knife) here is a simple method to get around the problem.
Cutting Window Shapes
Slightly bend the paper (loose bend) and make a cut in the center of the window.
Make cuts to each of the corners from the center. Cut along the window edges.

There should be minimal creasing and crumpling.
Happy Crafting! :)

Flowerpot Images

Use these cheery flowerpots to dress up your projects and pages.

Just print, cut and paste. Password is 'flower'.  :)