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Free Snowman Gift Tags

Christmas celebrations are just around the corner...again! It is not too early to start gathering bits together.  Here are some snowman (rather, snow lady) gift tags to download and enjoy as you prepare for the holiday season.

The password for this page of ten gift tags is 'snowman'. Enjoy! :)

Digital Scrapbooking Layout

It is some time since I did a digital scrapbooking layout. I was inspired by a freebie kit.

My newest grandson, Jace. About eight weeks old here. Daughter came over and wasn't very happy because I snapped a pic when she wasn't ready, (tired Mum and all that). I was in hospital when word came Jace was on his way (he lives in another town). They unhooked me, plugged the lines and told me to go at something like three in the morning (but come back, Doctor's rounds in the mornings).

He was born moments before I got in there, but I got to dress him. My camera had died, so I was unable to take any pics at the time. I think she forgives me for taking the pics, she likes how these layouts came out.

Kit: Natural Breeze
DigiDesignResort Collab Team

Affair of the Heart Designs
Mistica Designs

Simple Pop Up Card Project

Here's the printable project sheet for the Simple Pop Up Card I was playing about with earlier.
The project sheet has two pop up pieces to play with and the instructions. You can see the instructions online here.
Here is the project sheet.
Password is 'simple'

Mum's Beef Stew

B walked in the other night with this 8.0 litre beast. It was on sale, same price as the smaller one he said. I'd been rattling on about one for a while. Saw them on the TV in those infomercials and heard people talking about them. Never had one before, but with the cold weather setting in we had been having stews and casseroles and the like. When I do those, I try and bake as well, so the oven isn't just cooking one thing. I heard slow cookers are cheaper to run than ovens.

Read the pamphlet and tried it out tonight. Made a beef stew with dumplings like Mum used to make, although she didn't have a slow cooker either.

Mum's Beef Stew
1 kg diced beef tossed in a bag of 1/4 cup flour, salt and pepper to coatBrown in pan with oil or dripping to seal the meat.
1 large onion6 potatos 2 carrots2 parsnips1/2 head brocolliAbout 250g frozen green peas Water to nearly cover food 1 teaspoon Beef Stock powderI figured four hours on high should do it, but later thought about Dumplings…

How to Make a Simple Pop Up Card

Was playing about with some watercolours, paper and a ready-made card.

Decided to do it in a graphics program. Here are the instructions:
Cut out the pop up piece.
. Fold in half
Fold along the other blue lines
Cut along the black lines up to the fold
Apply glue to the outside edges on the WRONG SIDE of the pop up piece
Attach pop up piece to the inside of the ready-made card, placing the middle folds of the piece and the card together. Arrange the middle struts to look like this.

Well done. See the download post.

Free Printable Doodle Gift Tags

Doodle tags. These are kind of fun and will fit with a multitude of projects. Whimsy tags created with my doodle brushes.
Get them here. Download password is 'doodles' (without the apostrophes). :)


I kind of need a place where I can be my hodge-podge self, where I don't have to be focused on one particular topic, worry about deadlines or think about SEO.

The place needs to be 'home'. Where I can say what I like, when I like, how I like. No editors here. No demands here. Can choose first, second or third voice. Can get my grammar wrong here. No word count or special formatting if I don't want.

Make my own place, that's what. And here it is. I welcome you.

Mina :)