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One Page Notebook and Moving

In the middle of the 'move'. Boxes everywhere... a happy jumbly mess. Have not found the wireless modem...but must have the net, so clunking about 'til I find it. Have not found the kitchen gear, but two pots and a pan will suffice. The cat didn't run away. All this work to do and all I can think is that the baking tins are empty. So hot, so the baking will have to wait 'til the cooler hours.

Have some projects up my is broken, got to get a new one. So I'm working on stuff anyway...things in different stages waiting to be photographed. (More mess).

I have decided to only buy necessary basic craft stuff for a while...must use the stuff I already have. There's quite a bit of it. On the other hand, it's so good having a choice of stuff when you're creating. Also going to re-purpose stuff...crappy test prints and other crappy bits of pretty paper.

My problem is I get this stuff and just look at it, because it's too pretty /good to us…

Customised Foam Stamps

Ideas for your DIY stamping craft stash.
Easy, re-useable, recyclable...all that good stuff

Involve the kids! Get it heeeerrrreee and save to your machine. :)

CD Calendar for 2013

Been a busy time. I have some craft projects over at Warehouse Stationery. This one is a printable CD case Calendar for 2013.

and some other ideas to use with it.... You can go grab it heeeerrrree.  Save to your machine and print as you need. :)