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Panda Sketch

Last night we watched 'Kung Fu Panda 2'. Yes, I love kids' movies. So well done, the story well figured, amazing graphics - and detail: architectural detail in the buldings and the gorgeous colours in the dream sequences. I also particularly liked the cartoony style of the Panda stories that covered the closing credits.
A huge surprise at the end for us and anticipation of a third Kung Fu Panda movie. I am quite enamoured by Master Shifu - voice played by Dustin Hoffman. Maybe its the mix of sage and humour of the character or that I just like a good, strong man. I thought Shifu was a mouse/racoony type hybrid - but he's actually a Red Panda! Get that! ...SKEDOOSH!...

I'm working on some simple drawings for a Wild Animal series. Here's the Panda one.


Lucky Shot and Thank You Cards (with Bells On)

Just had to show you these. Darcy's first day at kindy. The 'Lucky Shot' title of this post has more to do with capturing the pictures, I think, than Darcy's ability. 

....careful aim..... tongue in the right place...take no notice of Naaz (pronounced 'Narz')....she's got that camera out again...

...BOOMFAH!....I did it!!!...
I don't know who was more elated, getting the photo was pure luck! Very thankful, I am, for lots of things in my life. Every now and then I have to stop and say 'How did I deserve this?' I'm not going to ponder on the answer - just going to go around enjoying the good.

These downloads for Thank You Cards are at the post in the link: Easy Printables: Thank You Card Templates

Easy Peasy Valentine Cards

Been really busy lately with a few projects. I've been up to my neck with Valentine projects - there are so many hearts floating about the place - its just not funny!

If you want the downloads to make these Easy Peasy Easel Valentine Cards - go see the post!