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Panda Sketch

Last night we watched 'Kung Fu Panda 2'. Yes, I love kids' movies. So well done, the story well figured, amazing graphics - and detail: architectural detail in the buldings and the gorgeous colours in the dream sequences. I also particularly liked the cartoony style of the Panda stories that covered the closing credits.
A huge surprise at the end for us and anticipation of a third Kung Fu Panda movie. I am quite enamoured by Master Shifu - voice played by Dustin Hoffman. Maybe its the mix of sage and humour of the character or that I just like a good, strong man. I thought Shifu was a mouse/racoony type hybrid - but he's actually a Red Panda! Get that! ...SKEDOOSH!...

I'm working on some simple drawings for a Wild Animal series. Here's the Panda one.



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