Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Just Things

As a designer I am in love with visuals. Public Domain works are so distracting! I am discovering and appreciating even more artists! I find that I just want to read...all day long. I downloaded a heap of stuff to 'read later' and ran out of Broadband data ha ha.

That doesn't happen very often, so that's okay. I am gearing up for Valentine's Day now - getting some collage sheets ready for papercraft.

Here are some journal/writing pages available for free download, over at Craft Found - adapted from the work of Walter Crane - more info at the post. Too damn gorgeous.

Its a bit messy over there at present because I was mucking about trying out colours and something got 'stuck'. Should be right soon. continues to do well. I had goals for that site, which were reached pretty quickly. I handed over the Chief Editor role to Justine, who came on as Editor - to further develop a new idea. I have stayed on as an Editor.

It is really satisfying to see writers grow. There have been quite a few newbies - they have taken suggestions on board and have been willing to learn how to write online. Some have done exceptionally well. It is a pleasure to have founded that site.

Things have been ultra busy.  My mind is on 'LOVE' at the moment as one of the girls is getting married next month. I need something to wear as I have over-indulged in the food department haha.

All for now

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