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A Laugh and New Projects

Sometimes you just need a good laugh! This SOOOO made my day... a wee bit rude in places, but so damn hilarious! If you have seven spare minutes - do yourself a favour and watch it.

So after telling myself to slow down a bit, I went and got myself three new projects to do (What's with that?)

One of my other blogs is Maori Printables. I started it because I wanted to contribute something positive to offset the (sadness?) I felt at the Maori statistics situation. At that time, Maori sites were of a really serious nature (and still are as far as I can tell). I wanted to make something uplifting, in a fun way.That was not 'too deep' or unapproachable. So while I couldn't fix (statistics) things I could still do SOMETHING to help shed a different light on the culture.

It's found a little following with kindergartens, Kohanga Reo, and primary schools. I am not a teacher or fluent in the language - my 'work' has been at home, so most of the posts are just guesses of what I think people might want. The blog lay dormant for a while, mostly because I ran out of ideas, but readers kept coming and subscribing so I have decided to extend Maori Printables to include things for Maori Language adult learners.Won't get a chance to get onto it until next year - but can plan.

Started another writing site thing - will tell you about it if it doesn't fizzle.

Signed up for another year of study.



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