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Rest - What's That?

I am inundated with self imposed work! I cannot sleep for ideas that spiral, circle and grow. I want to do so many geeky online things... hmmmmm....

While I was studying, I kept getting told that I should hone/focus and stop spreading myself so thin. Indeed, I did try to do that - and got bored as hell.

In my final year, a kind tutor told me 'Just go with it'. I was so close to finishing that it probably didn't matter much at that stage - but that was permissible freedom - thrown down by authority - and I went wildly off in lots of directions - happy as hell. And still do.

I could not imagine sitting down all day doing logos, business cards or having to be polite to difficult clients - I could just see myself going quietly batty.

I'm not averse to hard slog, - kind of welcome it. My folks told me I like to do things the hard way. I'm not a sheep. I don't just follow, never have. If I can work out an alternative way to accept things and make my life happier I go for it.

Sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn't. When it does it feels as if you are in flight. When it doesn't - you might try a couple more things or just toss it.

I like to learn. I like a challenge. I like to problem-solve. I like a million things going on in my head. I just guess I just love to be geekily thin (don't tell the body).
Here's a page from the latest free printable series - from an 'All True Romance' public domain comic book. I need a new printer - and when I get one I'll be itching to cut and paste these pictures into yet another book!

Click on the pic to go get it xxx...


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