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I told myself I was going to slow down - and then didn't listen to myself. I can't believe how the time has got away from me. Was kind of burnt out at the end of last year -so thought I should take it easy a bit. Hmmmmffff!

Since I last posted -
  • Took on another year of study.
  • Took on Editing tasks.
  • Became a Nan to two more boys.
  • Recently did a website for a Motivational speaker.
  • Business cards for people in Oz, and a doctor in the city.
  • Worked on graphics galore to try and stay ahead with posting on Craft Found.
  • Had a birthday and made myself worse for wear.
  • Went into hospital twice. 
  • Got crazy mad about getting broken vintage and retro sewing machines and making them work.

I have a journal (of sorts) to try and keep on top of things - often I'll make graphics and 'lose' them in a myriad of file folders. With that I made a half-hearted attempt at computer organisation, which ended up just plonking 95GB of files from the laptop onto an external hard drive. I need to tidy up the desktop. The journal is all scrawly and only readable by me with a fair splash of swear words. Ideas are plonked in there willy-nilly for when I get creative block.

Looking through it - so many times I have written - only spend  X hours per day on the computer. Hasn't worked out for me. Guess I just can't help it.

Latest series of printables - gorgeous vintage flower children collage sheets, suitable for scrapbooking, journaling and card making.

Click on the pic to go see.



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