Saturday, May 11, 2013

Ribbed Beanie & Sorting Stuff

I am so meant to be sorting the house out, but I've got the computer clunking away and am going through my art and craft gears (priority people!) Decided that this year I'm going to do something creative everyday, no matter what happens - even if it might be something really tiny like a sketch or doodle. Going to make myself important and make sure I get five minutes (minimum) for me.

The New Zealand Crafters over at Card Making World have a few challenges going on where you get to swap your crafting efforts with others in this fair land - a Monthly Card challenge with themes, ATCs, and a new Fat Book swap - should be interesting.

Got a pattern for a ribbed beanie craft sheet over at Stationery Warehouse, it's a quick-ish kind of knit and will fit heads from toddler to small woman size. Go grab it.

Heeerrrreee 'tis :)

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