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My wee space on the net, showing what I'm up to.

Have an ongoing love affair with simple craft and learning new things. I like to fossick around in Thrift  shops, and do a lot of reading - but my main thing (still) is being Mum and Nan to my lot. I write a bit too now.

Like graphics, make printables.

Am based in New Zealand.

You'll need Adobe Reader for the downloads.

Email me :)

* Website: MinaMaries

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Printable Pop Up Halloween House Cards

Yes! More Halloween stuff!

Had some fun making these houses for Halloween. Turned into a set of spooky houses. These things are easy to make. Have a go!

Get the orange one : Full instructions are on this post. Read this baby and you'll have it down for the rest of the pop up house cards.

Get the blue one

Get the black one

Get the green one


Printable Blackboard Quotes

A couple of chinese proverbs...print them out for posters... :)

Skeletal Type Halloween Printables

Funky up your Halloween with wild coloured stationery, posters, flags and skeleton template for this seasons craft activities.

Lined Skull and Floral Halloween Stationery

Frontview Skull Posters Skull Flags
Sideview Skull Posters Halloween Skeleton Template :)