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I am here now .... MinaMaries xxx...
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Vintage Children

Vintage kids images for your projects.

Free Vintage Bunny Images

Grab yourself some more gorgeous pics from Beatrix Potter to use in your projects.   So I've been making free printables for a while, thought it would be a good idea to have images available so people could utilise them as they wish. The printables I make are intended for all manner of papercraft: * Scrapbooking * Journaling * Card Making * Letter writing * Decoupage * ModPodge * Decor Click the pics to get the bigger size (better for printing)...right click and 'Save Image As' Happy crafting xxx

Free Vintage Rabbit Images

The imagery of Beatrix Potter brings back nostalgic memories (no - I'm not that old). Public Domain is a wonderful thing for long time crafters like me.... Grab yourself these wonderful pics to use in your projects. Click the image to get the bigger size, then right click and 'Save Image As' Have fun with these xxx

I'm Back I Think

So I've been out in NetLand doing stuff, feel that journey is kind of over and have come home. The last couple of years have felt bland-ish, so trying to think of another (online) direction to move in. My profile should now read something like: Empty nester wot wants to do something, but doesn't know what. Life has changed, as it does (Life is a series of changes), and as is right in the scheme of things. All this technology about but I've got bits of paper and notes all strewn about... trying to find that new direction I mentioned earlier. My fav technology = pen and paper. No rush...mull it over. Think I just let things evolve and see what I end up with! xxx

Rest - What's That?

I am inundated with self imposed work! I cannot sleep for ideas that spiral, circle and grow. I want to do so many geeky online things... hmmmmm.... While I was studying, I kept getting told that I should hone/focus and stop spreading myself so thin. Indeed, I did try to do that - and got bored as hell. In my final year, a kind tutor told me 'Just go with it'. I was so close to finishing that it probably didn't matter much at that stage - but that was permissible freedom - thrown down by authority - and I went wildly off in lots of directions - happy as hell. And still do. I could not imagine sitting down all day doing logos, business cards or having to be polite to difficult clients - I could just see myself going quietly batty. I'm not averse to hard slog, - kind of welcome it. My folks told me I like to do things the hard way. I'm not a sheep. I don't just follow, never have. If I can work out an alternative way to accept things and make my life happi

Colouring Pages for Women!

For the longest time, I have been wanting colouring pages to suit me - the adult lady. Pages that weren't just abstract. Pages of a girly nature - Princess type pages for women, Mums, Aunts - Nannas. I wanted pages that were nostalgic of my youth - stuff I could relate to. Good old retro stuff. I decided to make some. Click on the pic to go get them. I am actually making a heap more - this is just the start. Well, what can you do with these pages? Any dang thing that captures your fancy! There's plenty of space for text - and adding your own colour if you wanted to. Anyone who's lived a bit of life could relate them to their own life stories - how about a new journal of your own memories? Use them for: Journaling Writing prompts - creative and personal Diary Collage Scrapbooking Cards Framed prints Wall decor Posters Memories/memoirs notes There are plenty more things I'm sure you creative types could think of! Have fun :) xxx...